Jennifer Abman Scott and Carol Fishman Cohen

2023 Message from Co-Directors, Jennifer Abman Scott and Carol Fishman Cohen

Welcome to the STEM Reentry Task Force microsite, the hub of activity for the groundbreaking career reentry initiative started in 2015 by the Society of Women Engineers and iRelaunch.

We are proud of the growth and evolution of the Task Force, as it underscores the impact of our mission:

  • To enable leading employers across a wide range of industry sectors to diversify their mid-to-senior-level workforce by hiring from the predominantly pool of women professionals who have taken a career break; and
  • To provide participating employers with the framework, training, and collaborative setting to enable their creation of career reentry programs to recruit, onboard, and support these talented returning professionals.

Announcing the 2023 Task Force Members, a record-breaking year! We are excited to welcome our 2023 participating employers: ADM, Bechtel, GE Aerospace, Kellanova, Micron, NetApp, SLB, and Mondelez.  2023 is the first year we have had eight participating employers in the Task Force employer cohort.

Milestone! We are thrilled to announce that over 1,000 returning professionals have participated in career reentry programs launched by STEM Reentry Task Force member employers since its inception.

The 2023 Task Force member experience: Each new Task Force employer member benefits from an expert-guided, private, and individualized career reentry program-building experience, enhanced by the exclusive opportunity to interact with and learn from Task Force alumni organizations and other experts in moderated, roundtable discussions. Employers can join the Task Force anytime during the calendar year to begin building their program.

In addition, employer members receive early access to proprietary research and identification of trends, innovations, and best practices, a hallmark of Task Force participation, plus the power of the joint outreach of SWE and iRelaunch to their respective communities when recruiting and sourcing relaunchers to participate in their programs.

Join us for a banner year of career reentry program growth and expansion!

Jennifer & Carol

STEM Reentry Task Force Co-directors:

Jennifer Abman Scott, SWE Executive VP, Strategic Partnerships and Events

Carol Fishman Cohen, iRelaunch CEO and Co-founder